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Pervading my being
These holes you persuaded
I filled them with nothing
You watched me decay
Living disillusioned
I Rotted away
Loving an illusion
That must be obeyed Without question

There is an emptiness in all of this
I come to find myself amidst the ignorant
Yet ill admit theres something in the way it feels
To think you know the world and your purpose
But its meaningless
When logic quantifies Existence
Life without limits seems
An appropriate promise
Too convenient to go unnoticed

Im parting with the past presenting future failures endeavor in my absence
find your way alone without the constant concentration of opinion

Abandon your imprisonment

Fuck the illusions of a world lost to ignorance
its useless without isolation truth cant find its way into the brain
unless acceptance happens either way the coin lands
Face up or face down


from Nothing Is Sacred Nothing Is Safe, released March 5, 2014




GRIFFITH Anchorage, Alaska

GRIFFITH is a band consisting of five friends who share a conviction to the sounds they create. With unparallelled work ethic, they have effectively gained a foothold in the Anchorage music community and are organically growing reach beyond their home. The band attempts to maintain an honest sound that strays from cliches and gimmicks. that are common in the heavy music genres. ... more

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